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Presentence Investigations:
Amber Hiland, Senior Probation Officer / Investigative Officer


A Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI) is a report prepared by a probation officer at the request of the Court. A PSI is court-ordered before sentencing when a defendant has been found guilty of a crime such as a felony or serious misdemeanor offense.  The purpose of the PSI is for the Court to have more detailed information on the defendant’s background and to have appropriate sentencing options for the disposition of the case.

An interview with the defendant is completed. During the interview, the probation officer will gather information regarding the defendant’s criminal history, including previous terms of community supervision or incarceration, past or present gang involvement, and history of violence and use of weapons; the defendant’s personal information, including family history, current residence, educational and employment histories, financial situation, and military history; and the defendant’s health information, including physical health, mental health, drug and/or alcohol addiction histories, and any previous treatment history.

Releases of information are signed to verify information such as employment, education, substance abuse, and mental health services.  The probation officer will assess the data they have collected to make specific recommendations as to the potential for rehabilitation, the risk to the community, and sentencing options available to the Court.

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