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Swift Certain and Fair (SCF)

Norman Donahue,

Autumn Smith, Adult Probation Officer

Caylee Prosek, Adult Probation

Swift, Certain, and Fair (SCF) Probation is an intensive probation program that was developed as an alternative to jail or prison.  Clients sentenced to SCF are those who are assessed as being at a moderate/high risk of committing new crimes and/or continuing use of illegal substances or alcohol.  Persons referred to SCF may be individuals who have failed on standard probation or clients who may succeed in the community if given a very high level of supervision.  The ultimate goal is to help people make positive behavioral change while keeping the community safe.

This level of probation is called Swift, Certain, and Fair because 1) consequences for breaking rules are implemented very quickly, 2) they are always implemented with no exceptions, and 3) the clients know before being sentenced to SCF what the consequences will be and the same consequences are utilized for all persons in SCF.

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