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Juvenile Court Services

Juvenile Probation Officers are responsible for supervising and monitoring juvenile offenders sentenced to a term of probation or court supervision by the court. Juvenile Offenders are placed under the jurisdiction of the court for a determinant length of time (up to 24 months for court supervision and up to five years or until age twenty-one, whichever is less, for Probation), with specific conditions to abide by. Youth under the age of 17, are considered juveniles under the Illinois Statute (as of January 2010 the age will increase to 18 for misdemeanor offenses only).

Some of the standard court order conditions include: obey all laws, report to probation as directed, attend school, follow rules at home, complete Community Restitution Service Hours, attend counseling as deemed appropriate, submit to random urinalysis, submit to DNA indexing (felonies only), abide by a curfew as established by Juvenile Court Services, refrain from any gang affiliation or associating with any known gang members, participate in any and all special programs such as Juvenile Mentoring Program or UDIS- Unified Delinquency Intervention Services, pay fines, fees and restitution as deemed appropriate by court. Additionally, parents of youth involved in juvenile court are also subject to being placed on a term of Protective Supervision to run concurrent with their child. Conditions of a term of Protective Supervision may include: to report any and all violations of court order on minor’s behalf to Juvenile Court Services, to ensure the minor is able to comply with the conditions of the court order (which include ensuring they attend school, counseling, probation appointments, etc), to attend and successfully complete a parenting class as deemed appropriate, to obtain a substance abuse, psychological, or psychiatric evaluation as ordered by court and follow all recommended treatment, submit to random urine testing as deemed necessary by court.

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