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Intensive Probation Services (IPS)

Matt Mills, Juvenile IPS

Kelly Stacey, Juvenile IPS

The objective of the Juvenile Intensive Supervision Unit is to protect the community, reduce recidivism, help rehabilitate, and divert juvenile probationers from further involvement in crime. These objectives will be pursued by closely monitoring probationers and establishing relationships with the families and schools involved and other supporting agencies, including, but not limited to, police departments, mental health agencies, social services and community treatment programs.

The Intensive Supervision Unit is charged with the duty of monitoring probationers designated as high-risk/high need offenders and assisting them in making positive changes in their lives. High risk is determined by completing a validated assessment tool. The offenders are deemed to be in need of more intensive supervision and intervention than they would receive in a General Supervision caseload. Probationers could be deemed in need of intensive services if they are involved in one or more of the following: gang-related assault or battery, being a certified gang member or associate (as identified by a local police agency), unlawful sexual behavior, and violent behavior; including weapons-related offenses, substantial issues with substance abuse, and escalating patterns of criminal or delinquent behavior within a short period of time.

The needs of the probationer and risk to the community are weighed. Intensive Probation Officers assigned to the IPS maintain frequent field contacts with the probationers under their supervision. These contacts may occur in the home, school, community or the Probation office. Probation Officers work collaboratively with other local law enforcement agencies, treatment programs, and schools,

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