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Pretrial Services FAQs

  1. Someone I know was arrested. How do I get updates on them?
    Call the DeKalb County Jail non-emergency number at: 815-895-2155 or register for updated custody status and criminal case information at:
  2. I was just released from jail and ordered to report to Pretrial Services for an intake appointment. What do I need to do?
    Contact the Pretrial Services office at: 815-899-0751. Intake appointments can be completed over the phone, but are court ordered to be completed immediately after release. If leaving a message for a return appointment, please make sure to leave your full name, return phone number, and case number (if you know it).
  3. How can I be notified of my court date and if there are any changes?
    You can sign up for text and/or email alerts here:
    Alternatively, you can contact the DeKalb County Circuit Clerk at: Civil – 815-895-7131 Traffic and Criminal – 815-895-7138
  4. How do I virtually attend a ZOOM court date?
    This link has each court room listed with Zoom Meeting IDs and passwords. Check your court order or ask your attorney if you are not sure which court room you are needing to attend before signing in.
  5. How do I watch bond call?
    Bond call is currently being done virtually. Please visit:, and click on the livestream link to attend. Bond call is held at 1pm (M-F) and at 11am (Saturday).

If you have any further questions, please contact the office at 815-899-0751.

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