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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question… What is the County’s fiscal year?
    • Answer… Starting 1/1/2008, the fiscal year will start each January 1st and end each December 31st. Before FY2008 the fiscal year began December 1st and ended November 30th with the exception of FY2007 which extended to 13 months ending December 31, 2007.
  • Question… How many employees does the County hire?
    • Answer… For Fiscal Year 2020, the County has authorized 380 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees and 7 full-time Forest Preserve employees. The actual number of employees is higher, as many positions are part-time positions.
  • Question… How many paychecks do you write every two weeks?
    • Answer… Approximately 625-711 paychecks are issued bi-weekly which includes direct deposits and actual checks.
  • Question… Does the County receive all the property taxes an individual pays?
    • Answer… The County receives only 10% – 12% of the property taxes you pay. The rest goes to other units of local government, such as schools, cities, parks, townships.
  • Question… Does the County have an HR Department or Personnel Office?
    • Answer… No. Each office recruits and hires their own staff. The Finance Office maintains personnel records for the County, administers the payroll, and coordinates all employee benefit programs.
  • Question… Who do I call for an employment verification?
    • Answer… Initial Verifications should be faxed to 815-895-7129.  The estimated turnaround time for verifications is 48 business hours.  For re-verifications please contact the Employee Benefits Coordinator at 815-895-1635.
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