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MacQueen Forest Preserve Outreach

On January 17th we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. As we reflect on our communities we would like to invite everyone to visit some of your local preserves. At MacQueen Forest Preserve, 3640 Scout Rd. Kirkland, IL, there will be staff to answer questions about the preserve and a warming fire from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Remember to be respectful of each other and follow health guidelines.


  •  Enjoy a hike along Kingsbury Creek or the South Branch of the Kishwaukee River, both can be viewed at MacQueen Forest Preserve.
  •  Check out the dormant vegetation, this wild leak still holds on to some seed.
  •  Look for freeze-dried fungi that now provide a tasty treat for rodents.
  •  Try your skills at tree identification. This hackberry has some real distinct bark.
  •  Look for elm bark beetle galleries. The adult female beetle makes a single tunnel where she lays her eggs. When the eggs hatch they make tunnels perpendicular to hers.
  • Find color where you can. Lichens provide a variety of colors in winter.


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