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Bid Letting

Current Bid Lettings

  • None


  1. All Bidders must fill out the Authorization Form (Fillable Form) or (Print Form)
  2. The Authorization Form must be faxed or emailed at least 48 hours prior to the bid opening in order for your bid to be considered.
    Fax: 815-756-8705
  3. Provide a current copy of your IDOT Certificate of Eligibility unless your are a materials supplier or it’s a non-roadway related project.

Failure to submit the completed forms at least 48 hours prior to the bid opening will result in the bid not being accepted.

Contractors may verify we have received their Authorization to Bid Form by checking the Plan Holder’s List.
(If an email address is provided, a Notice of Addenda will be sent when updates become available)

Previous 2020 Bid Lettings

  • January 2, 2020
    • Tandem Cab & Chassis
  • February 6, 2020
    • New box, frame, plow, wing, spreader, pre-wet tank system and hydraulic system
    • New utility tractor
  • March 4, 2020
    • Drainage Pipe Proposal
    • Aggregate SOR/FOB Projects
    • General County Letting
    • Crack Filling & Routing Project
    • Salt Storage Facility
  • April 1, 2020
    • Section: 20-XX000-0X -GM – Rejuvenator-Reclamite
    • Section: 20-XX000-0X-GM – Seal Coat
    • Section: 20-02000-03-GM – Clinton Road District HMA
    • Section: 20-03000-00-GM – Cortland Road District HMA
    • Section: 20-04000-00-GM – DeKalb Road District HMA
    • Section: 20-06000-02-GM – Genoa Road District HMA
    • Section: 20-07000-03-GM – Kingston Road District HMA
    • Section: 20-10000-02-GM – Milan Road District HMA
    • Section: 20-12000-05-GM – Pierce Road District HMA
    • Section: 20-13000-00-GM – Sandwich Road District HMA
    • Section: 20-17000-02-GM – Squaw Grove Road District HMA
    • Section: 20-18000-02-GM – Sycamore Road District HMA
  • May 6, 2020
    • Afton & Milan Township Timber Pile Repair Proposal
  • June 3, 2020
    • Highway Department Parking Lot Proposal
    • Twombly Road Storm Sewer Replacement Proposal


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