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Bid Letting April 6, 2022

Plan Holder’s List


Description Proposal/SpecificationsAddendumBid Tabulation
DeKalb County 2022 Seal CoatProposalFinal
DeKalb County 2022 RejuvenatorProposalFinal
DeKalb County 2022 Pavement MarkingProposalFinal
Clinton Township HMA Overlay 22-02000-01-GMProposalFinal
Cortland Township HMA Overlay 22-03000-02-GMProposalFinal
DeKalb Township HMA Overlay 22-04000-03-GMProposalFinal
Milan Township HMA Overlay 22-10000-03-GMProposalFinal
Pierce Township HMA Overlay 22-12000-02-GMProposalFinal
Sandwich Township HMA Overlay 22-13000-00-GMProposalFinal
Shabbona Township HMA Overlay 22-14000-02-GMProposalFinal
Squaw Grove Township HMA Overlay 22-17000-02-GMProposalAddendum #1Final
Sycamore Township HMA Overlay 22-18000-02-GMProposalFinal

Updates will be provided Tuesday and Fridays prior to the letting

Bid Results are typically posted by Noon on the day of the letting

Bid results do not become official until approval by the County Board on the 3rd Wednesday of the month of the bid letting

Plans & Specifications are typically available the 3rd Thursday before the letting

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