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Driveway Culvert Policy

New Installation by Property Owner/Contractor:

Whenever a new driveway entrance is being requested allowing for access to a County Highway, the property owner will be required to submit the Department’s Application for Entrance Permit to the Department’s Permit Technician.

After submission, the Permit Technician will visit the site of the requested entrance to determine the correct placement and size of the culvert pipe (if needed).

After that review, an appropriate recommendation will be provided to the County Engineer for final approval/denial. The results of this action will be provided to the Property owner who will be responsible for all material and installation of the requested entrance, if approved.

Once installed, the property owner will be required to contact the Highway Department to schedule an inspection of the installation in order for the County to assume all maintenance responsibilities for the new entrance.

The cost of the required permit is $5.00.

Extension of Existing Pipe will follow the same policy as a new installation. There will not be a permit fee for extension permits.

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