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Additionally, local authorities with respect to roads and structures under their jurisdiction, may by ordinance limit or prohibit the use by trucks and other commercial vehicles on designated highways. This designation must be signed on the appropriate highways. As of August 27, 2008 those highways and/or structures are:



Nathan F. Schwartz, DeKalb County Engineer, has announced that due to the “spring freeze/thaw” cycle, County crews will have signs posted by the end of the day on Friday, February 2, 2024.  The posting will become effective at 7:00 a.m. on Monday, February 5, 2024.  The posting limits are 8,000 pounds per axle for single tired vehicles, 11,000 pounds per axle for duals with a maximum gross weight of 33,000 pounds on designated roads.  If conditions permit, allowances may be made during which movements will be allowed during certain hours.  To find out if there are any “windows” on a particular day, citizens may call 24 hours a day at (815) 756-9513 for that information.  Postings will remain in effect until the frost is out of the ground and the roads have settled down.  By Ordinance the roads can only be posted for a period 90 days in any given 12 month period for the spring freeze/thaw cycle.  No overweight permits will be issued during this time.

SPRING POSTINGS WILL BE REMOVED Friday, February 23th @ 7 am.  We appreciated you cooperation during the posting period.  This pertains to the county highways only, each Road District makes their own decisions regarding postings.

Roadways: Posted for maximum of 54,000 pounds year around, except when “spring posting” is in effect, at which time that governs are:

  • Suydam Road from LaSalle County Line north to Rollo Road

In addition, Peace Road from Route 64 west of Sycamore northerly to Plank Road and Plank Road northeasterly to Kane County Line is posted for 73,280 pounds with a maximum axle load of 18,000 pounds.


DeKalb County has established Class II truck routes as specified below:

Class II:

  • Barber Greene Road from Peace Road to Illinois Route 23
  • Chicago Road from IL Route 23 west to Shabbona Road
  • East County Line Road from Route 64 to Route 38
  • Genoa Road from Genoa City Limits to Boone County Line (Length and Width only)
  • Peace Road from Pleasant Street to Route 64
  • Perry Road from South 1st Street to Illinois Route 23
  • Shabbona Road from US Route 30 north for a distance of 1,308 feet
  • Somonauk Road from Bethany Road to Barber Greene Road
  • Somonauk Road from Illinois Route 38 south for 5,395 feet to the landfill
  • Suydam Road from Rollo Road to Illinois Route 23
  • Waterman Road from Perry Road to the Village of Waterman limits
  • West County Line Road from Lee Road to Route 30


  • DeKalb County may, after review, issue permits to move over permanently posted roads. To apply for a permit, interested parties should call the DeKalb County Highway Department at 815/756-9513 between the hours of 7:00am to 3:30pm on Monday thru Friday. All issued permits must be in the vehicle making the move and all restrictions on the permit must be adhered to. DeKalb County charges a $5.00 administrative fee for all permits as well as a per mile/per trip charge for overweight vehicles traveling on the County roadway system.
  • For permits needed for posted State, township or municipal roads, each individual governmental authority having jurisdiction over their roads must be contacted, the County Highway Department only issues permits for County roads.

For information regarding over dimensional movements on State highways, please contact:

Department of Transportation – Permit Section
Hanley Building
2300 S. Dirksen Parkway
Springfield, IL 62764
217/782-6271 or

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