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Weather Closures

Unfortunately, it sometimes becomes necessary to close roads due to climatic conditions.

For road conditions the public can call the following:


All DeKalb County Roads:-Recorded message
815-899-0727 -Sheriff's Office
DeKalb County Roads Only
815-756-9513 -County Highway Department
State Highways:

For More Help Getting Around:

Go to IDOT Website for Interstate Travel

The DeKalb County Highway Department reminds all people traveling the roads when snow plow trucks are working, to maintain a reasonable distance from the trucks. The large trucks can not see smaller vehicles behind them and, under snowplowing conditions, may have to stop unexpectedly and/or back up quickly. Additionally, when trucks are spreading salt, the public should exercise caution when approaching and/or passing the plow truck. While every effort is made by the drivers to not damage vehicles during salting operations, it unfortunately may happen. We ask that you actively help us perform our jobs more efficiently and effectively during snow removal operations. This will also aid the public in their movements along roads during such times. When it does become necessary to ask the general public to refrain from using roads during extreme weather conditions, again, we caution you that request is presented for the public’s benefit. Please give serious consideration to those warnings and travel under restricted conditions only if absolutely necessary.

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