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Regional Board of School Trustees

What is the Regional Board of School Trustees?

The Regional Superintendent acts as ex-officio secretary for the 7-member Regional Board of School Trustees. The Board hears school district consolidation cases and cases in which individuals wish to detach from one district and annex to another district. Members of the Board are elected for six-year staggered terms by countywide elections. Trustees may also be appointed to fill unexpired terms. Anyone interested in being appointed should submit a letter of interest to Amanda Christensen at Each township may have only ONE representative. Questions may be directed to 815-217-0460 or view school code at 105 ILCS 5 Article 6 and Article 7. The schedule of meetings for 2023-24 is October 2, January 8, and April 1. Meetings are at 6:00pm at the Regional Office of Education, 2500 N. Annie Glidden Rd, DeKalb.

Current Trustees and Townships:

Mark Charvat, DeKalb
Charles Rose, Sycamore

2024 Meetings

January 8, 2024 - CanceledAgenda
April 1, 2024Agenda

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