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Returning Substitutes

Substitute teachers must re-enroll each school year with the Regional Office of Education.

You may re-enroll in person, by email, or by telephone. Once your certificate expiration date is verified your name will be sent to each district requested.

If you subbed in DeKalb County during the last school year, you may re-enroll by…

Stopping by our office at 2500 N. Annie Glidden Road, DeKalb Suite C
Calling the Regional Office of Education at 815-217-0460 or 815-217-0463
Please be sure to indicate any changes in your contact information or any changes in the school districts requested.

Please do not call or email more than one time to re-enroll . One call or email will re-enroll you for the entire county.

If you subbed in the past (but not during the last school year) please call us at 815-217-0460 or stop by our office in order to reactivate your file. Legislation may have changed since you last subbed, requiring new documentation or procedures.

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