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Insurance -Medicaid, Medicare & Private Pay

Private Pay Insurance

  • DCRNC accepts residents who pay directly for their care or who supplement their financial obligation with a private insurance policy.


  • The Illinois Medicaid program may be available to individuals who require financial assistance. The local offices of Health & Family Services administers the Illinois Medicaid program located at:
    • Illinois Department of Human Services
      1629 Afton Road
      Sycamore, IL 60178
      PHONE: 815-895-8667
      FAX- 815-895-8679
  • DCRNC’s Social Services Department is knowledgeable about the Medicaid eligibility procedures and can guide you through the process.

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Medicare Parts A & B

  • Medicare A covers acute care (e.g., hospital stays) and, if certain qualifying conditions are met, up to 100 days in a skilled facility. In long-term care, the Part A benefit usually means intensive rehabilitation service to speed recovery.
  • Medicare B usually covers outpatient visits (such as physician visits, diagnostic tests, therapy sessions). Part B benefits do not apply when a Medicare beneficiary is in a covered Part A stay.

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Medicare D is Medicare’s prescription drug coverage program.

  • This program became effective January 1, 2006. Those eligible for Medicare are also eligible to participate in the Part D program. Participants may chose a plan, all of which are run by private companies. There are premiums and other participation requirements, but the intent of the program was cost savings to consumers for prescription drugs.
  • The facility utilizes Omnicare of Northern Illinois as its pharmacy provider. Omnicare honors most prescription drug plans approved by Medicare D. If a resident is enrolled in a plan that is not honored by Omnicare, Medicare D allows for a change to a plan that is. Our facility utilizes only one pharmacy so there is a uniform dispensing system in place. This provides the safest, most cost effective method of medication administration.

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