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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a crime victim file or drop charges against someone else?
A. Only the State’s Attorney has the statutory authority and responsibility for filing or dismissing charges against a defendant.

Q. Can the State’s Attorney’s Office recommend an attorney?
A. The State’s Attorney’s Office cannot give referrals to private attorneys.

Q. Can the DeKalb State’s Attorney’s Office provide a resident of the county with legal advice?
A. Although the State’s Attorney does provide legal advice and opinions to county officeholders in order to assist them in carrying out their responsibilities, the office cannot and does not provide legal advice to individual residents.

Q. Can the State’s Attorney’s Office help collect past due child support?
A. All questions related to child support should be directed to Office of Attorney General at 815-987-7981 or Healthcare & Family Services at 800-447-4278.

Q. What recourse do I have if l feel that lam the victim of identity theft?
A. First, you should notify the issuers of any credit cards that you possess and then file a police report with your local law enforcement agency. The Illinois Attorney General has a number of resources available to help the victims of identity theft.

Q. What recourse do I have if I want to complain about a business or if I have a consumer complaint?
A. You can download a Consumer Complaint Form and file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office Consumer Protection Division.

Q. How can l access information about a particular case?
A. If you are interested in a progress of a case go to the Circuit Clerk and use the online records link to access case information or contact the office at 815-895-7138 or 815-895-7131.

Q. When is my court date?

A. Contact the Circuit Clerk’s Office at 815-895-7138 or 815-895-7131.

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