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Victim Witness Program

Victim Witness Program

DeKalb County State’s Attorney’s  Office serves the needs of the People of DeKalb County through support of both victims and witnesses of crimes during the judicial process.

The Victim/Witness Program advises victims and witnesses about the criminal justice system during their involvement with it, and tries to help with any frustrations or problems. The following information can help you to understand the judicial process better.

The DeKalb County Courthouse is at the intersection of Highways 23 and 64 in downtown Sycamore.  The North entrance of the courthouse is equipped for handicapped visitors, and an elevator provides access to a ll levels of the building.

Answers to Typical Questions

Our Services Include:

  • Notification when prosecution begins
  • Easily understood explanation of criminal charges and proceedings
  • Advanced notice, if possible, of when you w ill be needed in court
  • Accompaniment in courtroom proceedings
  • Interpreters for interviews and court (spoken and sign language)
  • Assistance in completing required documentation for the courts
  • Employer intervention, if needed
  • Prompt return of property, when possible
  • Public education regarding victim’s rights
  • Transportation (when necessary)

Responsibilities of Victims and Witnesses According to Illinois Law:

  • Promptly report any crime to the police.
  • Cooperate with law enforcement official ls investigating the crime.
  • Testify for the State at the defendant’s trial.
  • Inform authorities if your address changes.


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