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Instructions for Using the Online Mobile Home Payment Link

August 2023

      1. Go to
      2. Under the picture, click on the box with the RED letters that says “Pay My Real Estate/Mobile Home Taxes”. This takes you to wEdge, the DeKalb County online property tax inquiry and payment portal.
      3. Click on the “Mobile Home Search” tab and search by filling in one of these fields, then click “Search”:
        Mobile Home Number (with or without dashes – i.e. 12-34-567-890 1234A, 12-34-567-890-1234A, or 12345678901234A)
        or Owner Name (we suggest using last name only when searching)
        or House Number/Street/City (For the street name, do not include directional i.e. N, S, E, W…, or street type i.e. St, Dr…)
      4. If you searched using a Mobile Home Number, that home will now be open.
        If you searched using any other data, and there are multiple results, the “Search Results” screen opens.  From the “Search Results” list, click on the parcel you wish to pay.
      5. Click the GREEN button that says “Pay Taxes”.
      6. A box will pop up. In that pop-up box, click the GREEN button that says “Pay 2022 Installment”
      7. To add another parcel to your cart:
        • To get back to a list of your search results/“Search Results Screen”, use the back arrow on your browser or click on the “View Search Results” link found on the blue bar in the upper right of the screen.
        • To start a new search, click on “New Search,” found in the blue top navigation bar.
        • If on mobile, click the 3-line menu button in the upper right-hand corner to get the dropdown menu to find the navigation options.
      8. Once you are ready to pay, click on the “Shopping Cart” link in the blue bar at the top of the screen.
        If on mobile, click the 3-line menu button in the upper right-hand corner to get the dropdown menu to find the shopping cart.
      9. Click “Checkout“.
      10. Review your selection: If all desired parcels are in the “cart” and set to be paid, click the “Proceed to Payment” button. You can view your bill from this screen as well as set up reminders to be added to your calendar or to be received via text, or create an account with our new processor.
      11. To pay:
        • For Electronic Check ($1 convenience fee), choose the “EFT (Check) option from the drop-down and click “Continue to Payment Information”. Then fill in your account information, and click “Continue to Review Payment”.
        • With a credit/debit card or other electronic payment options, Google Pay, PayPal/PayPal Credit, Apple Pay, or Venmo (2.60% convenience fee), choose the desired payment option from the drop-down.
          • For credit/debit card payments, click “Continue to Payment Information” and fill in the credit card information, confirm your information is correct, then click “Continue to Review Payment”.
          • For other electronic payment options, click the branded payment button that appears for your selected option.  Follow the prompts or the payment method.  You will be brought back to the Invoice Cloud payment window to review the payment information and finish the payment process.
      12. Review your payment information, you can edit your payment information at this point. Once everything is correct, review and click the “I agree to the terms and conditions” check box, and then click “Process Payment $”.  You will receive an email confirmation.
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