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Purchasing a Tax Lien Certificate & Surplus Property Auction

Tax Lien Certificates:
For details on purchasing tax lien certificates over-the-counter, or through assignment, please contact:

Surplus Property Auction:

Parcels for sale have been acquired via court order by DeKalb County as Trustee for the taxing districts, for nonpayment of property taxes.

Buyers will receive a quitclaim deed and the seller will pay to record that deed.  Buyers will not be responsible for delinquent taxes but will be responsible for real estate taxes accruing after their deed is recorded.

For complete terms and conditions and further information, please contact the County Tax Agent at 618-656-5744 or use the link below.

DeKalb County Surplus Property Sale (Catalog Sale) happens annually each summer.  The Catalog is available digitally online at the link below, or physically in the Treasurer’s Office.  Catalog pricing and minimum bid pricing may change from year to year.

DeKalb County Trustee Landing Page:

As with any purchase of real estate, we highly recommend that you retain the services of a real estate attorney for assistance in purchasing surplus property.

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