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County Board Ordinances 2011

Ordinance NumberDate ConsideredOutcomeDescription
O2011-0103/16/2011PassedAndresen Zoning Map Amendment Request. To rezone a 2.51-acre property containing an existing 16-unit apartment building and located at 6288 State Rte. 38 from MXD, Mixed Use Development to PD-R, Planned Development-Residential for a minor planned development.
O2011-0204/20/2011PassedAmendment to the Fiber Optic Indefeasible Right to Use Agreement with DeKalb Fiber Optic.
O2011-0304/20/2011PassedApproval of Ciena Network Equipment as the Brand Specific for the Fiber Optic Backbone Network.
O2011-0405/18/2011PassedHanson Special Use Permit Request. To approve a Special Use Permit for a landscaping business on property located at 3772 East Sandwich Road in Sandwich Township, DeKalb County, Illinois, said property being zoned A-1, Agricultural District.
O2011-0505/18/2011PassedAdopting the Update to the Unified Comprehensive Plan for DeKalb County.
O2011-0606/15/2011TabledDenial of the Faith World Outreach Church Special Use Permit Request. To deny the request from the Faith World Outreach Church Special Use Permit for a new church because it would not be consistent with the requirements of Section 9.02.B of the DeKalb County Zoning Ordinance to allow the operation of a church on a 20.51 –acre property located at 34650 Bucks Road in Franklin Township, said property being zone A-1, Agricultural District.
O2011-0708/17/2011PassedCountry Gas Special Use Permit Request. To grant approval of a Special Use Permit for the operation of a grain business on property located at 8680 Old State Road in Mayfield Township
O2011-0809/21/2011PassedZoning Map Amendment for Forest Preserve District. To approve a zoning map amendment for a 43.26-acre property located on the south side of Cherry Valley Road, approximately 910 feet west of the intersection of Cherry Valley and Snake Road in Kingston Township, from A-1, Agricultural to FP/C, Floodplain/Conservation District.
O2011-0909/21/2011PassedDenying a Special Use Permit Request for a Church. To deny the request made by Faith World Outreach Church for a Special Use Permit to allow the establishment and operation of a church on a 20.51-acre property located on the east side of Bucks Road, approximately 2,500 feet south of Cherry Valley Road, in Franklin Township. The subject property is zoned A-1, Agricultural District.
O2011-1009/21/2011PassedAmendments to the DeKalb County Zoning Ordinance. To recommend text amendments to the DeKalb County Zoning Ordinance. The proposed Text Amendments are intended to better implement the goals, objectives and recommendations of the updated Unified Comprehensive Plan, as well as to address questions, ambiguities, and interpretations of the zoning regulations.
O2011-1111/16/2011PassedAnnual Appropriation for FY2012.
O2011-1211/16/2011PassedAdoption of the Property Tax Levy for FY2012.
O2011-1311/16/2011PassedOrdinance Providing for the Submission to the Electors of the County of DeKalb, Illinois for Electric Energy Aggregation. An ordinance to provide for the submission to the electors in the County of DeKalb, Illinois, for a referendum question asking them “whether the County should have the authority under Public Act 096-0176 to arrange for the supply of electric for its residential and small commercial retail customers who have not opted out of such program.
O2011-1411/16/2011PassedGranting a Cable Franchise to Charter Communications. To grant a cable franchise to Charter Communications for a cable television in portions of unincorporated DeKalb County located south of the City of Genoa, and south of Baseline Road.
O2011-1511/16/2011PassedAssist Program – Mortgage Credit Certificate. To assist homebuyers, the program is sponsored by communities throughout the State to promote home ownership. It provides families with funds to pay all or most of their closing costs and down payment, enabling families with good credit but little available capital to buy their first home.
O2011-1611/16/2011PassedAdoption of the Tax Levy for FY2012.
O2011-1711/16/2011PassedAdoption of the Tax Levy for FY2012.
O2011-1811/16/2011PassedIRU Agreement with NIU for Fiber Strands.


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