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County Board Ordinances 2015

Ordinance NumberDate ConsideredOutcomeDescription
O2015-0102/18/2015PassedRepeal of Tipping Fee for Solid Waste Disposal. The DeKalb County Board does hereby repeal the $1.27 tipping fee established by Ordinance 2006-31 in acknowledgment of the Host Benefit Fee of $4.60 per ton of waste permanently disposed of in DeKalb County per the Host Community Agreement.
O2015-0204/15/2015PassedAmending a Special Use Permit Granted to the DeKalb County Animal Welfare League on Property Located at 16173 Baseline Road in Genoa Township. The DeKalb County Board does hereby approve an Amendment to the Special Use Permit granted to the DeKalb County Animal Welfare League by DeKalb County Ordinance 75-2 for the operation of an animal shelter and is hereby approved to allow a new building and certain improvements to the subject property located at 16173 Baseline Road in Genoa Township.
O2015-0306/17/2015PassedAmending a Special Use Permit for Aurora Sportsmen's Club located in Clinton Township. The DeKalb County Board does hereby approve an Amendment to the Special Use Permit originally approved by DeKalb County Ordinance 2005-07 and Amended by Ordinance 2009-03, the Special Use Permit is hereby granted for the construction and operation of a gun club and recreational camp on 265 acres generally located southwest of the Village of Waterman in Clinton Township.
O2015-0406/17/2015PassedAmending the DeKalb County Zoning Ordinance Regarding Permitted Roadside Stands. The DeKalb County Board hereby approved to amend the DeKalb County Zoning Ordinance to allow permitted roadside stands to sell "branded products" and to eliminate the restriction of which such stands may have sales.

PassedApproving a Zoning Map Amendment for the Community of Fairdale in Franklin Township. The DeKalb County Board does hereby approve the Zoning Map Amendment for properties in the unincorporated community of Fairdale in Franklin Township, legally described as shown in Exhibit "A", to rezone the subject properties from A-1, Agricultural District, RC- 1, Residential Conservation District, RC-2, Residential Conservation District, BC, Business District, and MC, Manufacturing District, to MXD, Mixed Use Development, to accommodate reconstruction after damage to the community from the storms and tornado of April 9, 2015, said application having been submitted in accordance with the requirements of Article10 of the DeKalb County Zoning Ordinance.

PassedApproval for the Information Management Office to Fill an Upcoming Open Position. The DeKalb County Board does hereby authorize the Information Management Office Director to fill the position of Lead AssistantNetwork Technician after a 75 day moratorium following the vacancy.
O2015-0708/19/2015PassedAmending the DeKalb County Code to Authorize and Regulate Home Kitchen Operations.

PassedSpecial Use Permit for a Personal Service Use on Property Located at 15454 State Rte. 38 in Cortland Township.
O2015-0910/21/2015PassedAdopting a Plan for Long-Term Recovery from Disasters in DeKalb County.
O2015-1011/18/2015PassedProviding for the Establishment of an Altered Speed Zone.
O2015-1111/18/2015PassedAdoption of the FY 2016 Tax Levy.
O2015-1211/18/2015PassedAdoption of the FY 2016 Budget.
O2015-1311/18/2015PassedAltered Speed Zones for Virginia Road and Pioneer Terrace Located in DeKalb Township.

PassedReplacing Ordinance 2013-03 Establishing a Fee Schedule for Zoning Action Applications.

PassedAmending Chapter 14 of the DeKalb County Code.
O2015-1612/16/2015PassedAmending Ordinance 2010-19 and Ordinance 2013-04 Regarding Fees for Site Development Permits.


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