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County Board Resolutions 2017

Resolution NumberDate ConsideredOutcomeDescription
R2017-0101/18/2017passedResolution of Support to Benefit the Economy & the Citizens of Illinois through the Illinois Transportation Legislative Initiative.
R2017-0201/18/2017passedComprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Initiative.
R2017-0302/15/2017passedSelecting DeKalb County Convention & Visitors Bureau as the County's Agency of Record for Tourism Promotions.
R2017-0402/15/2017passedBid Award - New Tandem Cab & Chassis; New Utility Tractor; New Crack Fill Machine.
R2017-0502/15/2017passedEngineering Agreement for Willett, Hofmann & Associates for Culvert Replacement at Union Ditch #1 (Somonauk/Gurler Roads).
R2017-0602/15/2017passedAppropriation of Reconstruction of Waterman Road.
R2017-07 thru R2017-5802/15/2017passedDelinquent Property Tax Sale Resolutions.
R2017-5902/15/2017passedAbating the Entire Property Tax levy for the 2016 Tax Year for the 2010 Courthouse Expansion and Jail Expansion Planning Bond Issue.
R2017-6003/15/2017passedAward for New Wheel Loader and New Snow Plow, Frame, Hydraulic System, Dump Body, Underbelly Scraper, Spreader and Pre-Wet Tank System.
R2017-6103/15/2017passed2017 General County Letting.
R2017-62 03/15/2017passed2017 Rejuvenator Project.
R2017-63 03/15/2017passedCommunity Action Transition Plan.
R2017-64 03/15/2017passed2017 County Seal Coat Project.
R2017-65 03/15/2017passed2017 Crack Routing and Fill Project.
R2017-66 03/15/2017passed2017 Pavement Marking Project.
R2017-67 03/15/2017passed2017 Road District Aggregate Projects.
R2017-68 03/15/2017passed2017 Hot-Mix Resurfacing Projects.
R2017-69 03/15/2017passedTravel Regulations Policy.
R2017-70 03/15/2017passedRequest to IDOT for Their Consent on County Engineer Reappointment.
R2017-71 03/15/2017passedAmending and Restating the DeKalb County Cafeteria Plan to Allow for the Inclusion of a Dental Insurance Benefit.
R2017-72 03/15/2017passedFY 2016 Year-End Budget Transfers.
R2017-7304/19/2017passedApproval of a Request to Rename a Platted Road known as Rae Drive to Louise Lane in Sycamore Road District.
R2017-7404/19/2017passedReplacement of Somonauk Road Bridge 0.5 miles South of Chicago Road in Sandwich Road District.
Authorizing to Execute and File a Section 5311 Downstate Operating Assistance Grant Agreement.
R2017-7604/19/2017passedAcceptance of the Special Warranty as a Condition to Receive Section 5311 Funds.
R2017-7704/19/2017passedAuthorizing the Execution and Submittal for Application for a Public Transportation Capital Assistance Grant.
R2017-7804/19/2017passedAuthorizing the Purchase of a Transit Bus. The DeKalb County Board hereby authorizes the purchase of a 30' Heavy Duty.
R2017-7904/19/2017passedAward of the Senior Services Tax Levy Funding.
R2017-8004/19/2017passedResolution Certifying IMRF Participation for Qualified Elected Officials.
R2017-8104/19/2017passed2017 Hot-Mix Resurfacing Projects.
R2017-8205/17/2017passedWaterman Road Reconstruction.
R2017-8305/17/2017passedReappointment of County Engineer.
R2017-8405/17/2017passedAuthorizing the Execution and Submittal for the Application for a Public Transportation Capital Assistance Grant.
R2017-8505/17/2017passedDelinquent Property Sale Resolution.
R2017-8605/17/2017passedAmendment to Community Host Agreement.
R2017-8706/21/2017passedSomonauk Road Resurface Project.
R2017-8806/21/2017passedTARP Agreement for Somonauk Road.
R2017-8906/21/2017passedDesignating a Portion of Somonauk Road as a Class III Truck Route.
R2017-9006/21/2017passedAward of Somonauk Road Resurface Project.
R2017-91 06/21/2017passedEngineering Agreement for Barber Green Road Bridge in Cortland Road District .5 Miles East of Airport Road.
R2017-92 06/21/2017passedAward to Rennion Equipment Company for one new Aerial Lift Truck.
R2017-9306/21/2017passedSolid Waste Plan Amendment.
R2017-9406/21/2017passedElection Judge Salaries.
R2017-9508/16/2017passedService Concepts, Inc. Tax Abatement Request.
R2017-9608/16/2017passedJ6 Polymers LLC Tax Abatement Request.
R2017-9708/16/2017passedSheriff's Radio Communication System.
R2017-9808/16/2017passedDelinquent Property Sales-Parcel #06-22-331-001
R2017-9908/16/2017passedDelinquent Property Sales-Parcel #06-22-328-005
R2017-10008/16/2017passedDelinquent Property Sales-Parcel #09-22-400-004
R2017-10108/16/2017passedDelinquent Property Sales-Parcel #09-23-300-002
R2017-10208/16/2017passedDelinquent Property Sales-Parcel #09-26-100-001
R2017-10308/16/2017passedDelinquent Property Sales-Parcel #09-27-100-005
R2017-10408/16/2017passedDelinquent Property Sales-Parcel #09-27-100-006
R2017-10508/16/2017passedDelinquent Property Sales-Parcel #09-27-226-006
R2017-10608/16/2017passedDelinquent Property Sales-Parcel #09-27-226-007
R2017-10708/16/2017passedDelinquent Property Sales-Parcel #09-28-200-005
R2017-10808/16/2017passedDelinquent Property Sales-Parcel #09-17-100-018
R2017-10908/16/2017passedDelinquent Property Sales-Parcel #09-17-300-009
R2017-11008/16/2017passedDelinquent Property Sales-Parcel #09-17-329-004
R2017-11108/16/2017passedLand Transfer to Forest Preserve District.
R2017-11209/20/2017passedService Concepts, Inc. Tax Abatement Request.
R2017-11309/20/2017passedJ6 Polymers LLC Tax Abatement Request.
R2017-11409/20/2017passedSheriff's Radio Communication System.
R2017-11509/20/2017passedDelinquent Property Sales-Parcel #06-22-331-001
R2017-11609/20/2017passedDelinquent Property Sales-Parcel #06-22-328-005
R2017-11709/20/2017passedDelinquent Property Sales-Parcel #09-22-400-004
R2017-11809/20/2017passedDelinquent Property Sales-Parcel #09-23-300-002
R2017-11909/20/2017passedDelinquent Property Sales-Parcel #09-26-100-001
R2017-12009/20/2017passedDelinquent Property Sales-Parcel #09-27-100-005
R2017-12109/20/2017passedDelinquent Property Sales-Parcel #09-27-100-006
R2017-12209/20/2017passedDelinquent Property Sales-Parcel #09-27-226-006
R2017-12310/18/2017passedApproval of Engineering Agreement for Somonauk Road Bridge, .25 Miles South of US Route 30, Near Hinckley.
R2017-12410/18/2017passedAuthorizing the Execution and Submittal of a State of Illinois Capital Assistance Grant.
R2017-12510/18/2017passedKane County Juvenile Justice Center Intergovernmental Agreement.
R2017-12610/18/2017passedAppointment of the DeKalb County Information Management Office Director.
R2017-12711/15/2017passed2018 Salary/Equipment & Maintenance Operations to Include Snow Removal Materials.
R2017-12811/15/2017passedIntergovernmental Agreement By and Between the DeKalb County Community Mental Health Board and DeKalb County Government Regarding the Community Action Department.
R2017-12911/15/2017passedCourt Appointed Special Advocates of DeKalb County (CASA) Fee.
R2017-13011/15/2017passedSalaries of Elected Officials
R2017-13112/20/2017passedState's Attorney Appellate Prosecutor Program.
R2017-13212/20/2017passedPolicy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment for DeKalb County Government.


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