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County Board Resolutions 2019

Resolution NumberDate ConsideredOutcomeDescription
R2019-0101/16/2019ApprovedMFT Authorization for 2019 General Maintenance Projects.
R2019-0201/16/2019ApprovedEntering an Agreement of Understanding with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) for Maintenance and Construction.
R2019-0301/16/2019ApprovedApproval of an Engineering Agreement for Johnson Road Box Culvert Rehabilitation in Mayfield Road District.
R2019-0401/16/2019ApprovedSelecting DeKalb County Convention & Visitors Bureau as the County’s Agency of Record for Tourism Promotions.
R2019-0501/16/2019ApprovedApproval of a Loan to the Voluntary Action Center.
R2019-0601/16/2019ApprovedApproval of Community Action Transition.
R2019-0702/20/2019ApprovedApproval of a Local Agency Agreement for Barber Greene Road Safety Shoulders.
R2019-0802/20/2019ApprovedPurchase Award for One New Tandem Cab and Chassis.
R2019-0902/20/2019ApprovedAward of Peace Road Aggregate Base for Right Turn Lanes at Brickville and Freed Roads.
R2019-1002/20/2019ApprovedAuthorizing the Execution and Amendment of a Federal 5311 Grant Agreement.
R2019-1102/20/2019ApprovedAuthorizing the Execution and Amendment of a Downstate Operating Assistance Grant Agreement.
R2019-1202/20/2019ApprovedAbating the Entire Property Tax Levy for the 2018 Tax Year for the 2010 Courthouse Expansion and Jail Expansion Bond Issue.
R2019-1302/20/2019ApprovedAbating the Entire Property Tax Levy for the 2018 Tax Year for the 2017 Jail Expansion Bond Issue.
R2019-1403/20/2019ApprovedAward Resolution for 2019 General County Letting.
R2019-1503/20/2019ApprovedAward Resolution for 2019 Road District Crack Route and Fill Project.
R2019-1603/20/2019ApprovedAward Resolution for 2019 Drainage Pipes.
R2019-1703/20/2019ApprovedAward Resolution for a New Box, Plow, Wing, Spreader and Pre-wet Tank.
R2019-1803/20/2019ApprovedIllinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) Investment Rate of Return Assumption.
R2019-1903/20/2019ApprovedEngineering Agreement for South First Street Box Culvert Replacement at Gurler Road.
R2019-2003/20/2019ApprovedEngineering Agreement for Motel Road Bridge Replacement .5 Miles North of Illinois Route 64.
R2019-2103/20/2019ApprovedA Resolution Approving Unexpected and Emergency Appropriations and Budget Transfers for the Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2018.
R2019-2203/20/2019ApprovedApproval of Easements for the DeKalb County Rehab & Nursing Center Expansion Project.
R2019-2304/17/2019ApprovedApproval of Local Agency Agreement for Peace Road / Illinois Route 64 Intersection Improvements.
R2019-2404/17/2019ApprovedApproval of Local Agency Agreement for the Plank Road Safety Project from Lindgren Road to the Kane County Line.
R2019-2504/17/2019ApprovedApproval of Local Agency Agreement for Base Line Road Bridge Replacement.
R2019-2604/17/2019ApprovedAnticipation of Township Bridge Funds for West Motel Road Bridge.
R2019-27014/17/2019ApprovedAward Resolution for Approval of 2019 Hot-Mix Resurfacing Projects.
R2019-2804/07/2019ApprovedAward Resolution for the 2019 Seal Coat and Rejuvenator Projects.
R2019-2904/17/2019ApprovedAward Resolution for the 2019 Road District Aggregate Projects.
R2019-3004/17/2019ApprovedAward Resolution for the 2019 Pavement Marking Project.
R2019-3104/17/2019ApprovedAuthorizing the Execution and Amendment of a Section 5311 Grant Agreement for Fiscal Year 2020.
R2019-3204/17/2019ApprovedAcceptance of the Special Warranty as a Condition to Receive Section 5311 Funds for Fiscal Year 2020.
R2019-3304/17/2019ApprovedAward of the Senior Services Tax Levy Funding.
R2019-3404/17/2019ApprovedA Resolution Certifying Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) Participation for Qualified Elected Officials of DeKalb County Government.
R2019-3505/15/2019ApprovedApproval of an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Village of Kirkland for Maintenance Projects.
R2019-3605/15/2019ApprovedApproval of an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Village of Somonauk for Maintenance Projects.
R2019-3705/15/2019Removed From AgendaA Resolution Establishing a Fee for completing Kingston Township Assessment Books.
R2019-3805/15/2019ApprovedFunding for Design Development Phase for Relocation of Courthouse Offices.
R2019-3905/15/2019ApprovedResolution Seeking Permission from the State of Illinois to Have the Option to Impose a Local County Motor Fuel Tax.
R2019-4006/19/2019ApprovedAward Resolution for Waterman Road Should/Ditch Rebuild.
R2019-4106/19/2019ApprovedA Resolution Approving Amendments to the Procurement Policy for Federal and State Grants.
R2019-4206/19/2019ApprovedAward Resolution for Sidewalk Renovation along Somonauk Road from North Avenue to Meadow Drive in Cortland.
R2019-4306/19/2019ApprovedAppropriation of $825,000.00 in MFT Funds for Waterman Road Project.
R2019-4406/19/2019ApprovedAward Resolution for Johnson Road Box Culvert Repair in Mayfield Road District.
R2019-4506/19/2019ApprovedAppropriation of $50,000.00 in MFT Funds for Somonauk Road Sidewalk Project.
R2019-4606/19/2019ApprovedRelease of Executive Session Minutes.
R2019-4708/21/2019Approved Approval of Jurisdictional Transfer for Rich Road to DeKalb Road District and City of DeKalb.
R2019-4808/21/2019Approved Resolution Authorizing the Execution & Amendment of the Federal 5311 Operating Assistance Grant Agreement.
R2019-4908/21/2019Approved Resolution Authorizing the Execution & Amendment of a Downstate Operating Assistance Grant Agreement.
R2019-5008/21/2019Approved Surrender of the Certificate. (06-21-178-004)
R2019-5108/21/2019Approved Delinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-100-007)
R2019-5208/21/2019Approved Delinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-181-015)
R2019-5308/21/2019Approved Delinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-17-200-015)
R2019-5408/21/2019Approved Delinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-17-200-021)
R2019-5508/21/2019Approved Delinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-17-328-001)
R2019-5608/21/2019Approved Delinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-17-329-009)
R2019-5708/21/2019Approved Delinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-17-400-002)
R2019-5808/21/2019Approved Delinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-17-400-010)
R2019-5908/21/2019Approved Delinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-28-351-013)
R2019-6008/21/2019Approved Delinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-29-276-011)
R2019-6108/21/2019Approved Approval of an Intergovernmental Agreement for the acquisition of properties within the City of Sycamore.
ApprovedIntergovernmental Agreement with the State of Illinois for Expenditure of DSATS Funding.
R2019-6309/18/2019ApprovedEngineering Agreement for Somonauk Road Culvert Extensions.
R2019-6409/18/2019ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (08-23-478-020)
R2019-6509/18/2019Removed From AgendaAppropriation for Digital Radio System.
R2019-6609/18/2019ApprovedPlacing the FY 2020 Budget on File for Public Inspection.
R2019-6710/16/0019ApprovedIntergovernmental Agreement with the Village of Kirkland for Maintenance Engineering.
R2019-6810/16/2019ApprovedLocal Agency Agreement with the State of Illinois for Federal Participation for McNeal Road Bridge.
R2019-6910/16/2019ApprovedCity of DeKalb Tax Abatements.
R2019-7010/16/2019ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (02-22-307-024)
R2019-7110/16/2019ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (07-23-185-001)
R2019-7210/16/2019ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (08-15-101-002)
R2019-7310/16/2019ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (08-22-283-001)
R2019-7410/16/2019ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (08-22-427-018)
R2019-7510/16/2019ApprovedSalaries of Elected Officials.
(County Board Chairperson, County Board Vice-Chairperson, Committee Chairperson, Circuit Clerk, and Coroner )
R2019-7610/16/2019ApprovedAppropriation for Digital Radio System.
R2019-7710/16/2019ApprovedDispatching Services for the City of Sandwich.
R2019-7811/20/2019ApprovedMFT Resolution for General Maintenance Projects.
R2019-7911/20/2019ApprovedMFT Supplemental Resolution for Section 15-00250-00-SW.
R2019-8011/20/2019ApprovedApproval of Amendments to the DeKalb County Enterprise Zone Intergovernmental Agreement.
R2019-8111/20/2019ApprovedState's Attorney Appellate Prosecutor Fee Resolution.
R2019-8211/20/2019ApprovedApproval of Labor Contract with the Metropolitan Alliance of Police, Local Chapter #318.


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