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County Board Resolutions 2020

Resolution NumberDate ConsideredOutcomeDescription
R2020-0101/15/2020ApprovedAward Resolution for New Cab & Chassis.
R2020-0201/15/2020ApprovedApproval of a Second Amendment to the DeKalb County Enterprise Zone Intergovernmental Agreement.
R2020-0301/15/2020ApprovedApproval of a Third Amendment to the DeKalb County Enterprise Zone Intergovernmental Agreement.
R2020-0402/19/2020ApprovedLocal Agency Agreement for Federal Participation for Peace Road Resurfacing from Illinois Route 64 South to Bethany Road.
R2020-0502/19/2020ApprovedLocal Agency Agreement for Federal Participation for Motel Road Bridge in Mayfield Road District.
R2020-0602/19/2020ApprovedAward Resolution for Furnishing and Installing Equipment on a New Kenworth Cab and Chassis and One New Utility Tractor.
R2020-0702/19/2020ApprovedSelecting DeKalb County Convention & Visitors Bureau as the County's Agency of Record for Tourism Promotions.
R2020-0802/19/2020ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale Resolution. (02-36-224-005)
R2020-0902/19/2020ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale Resolution. (08-01-401-005 2533I)
02/19/2020ApprovedA Resolution Abating the Entire Property Tax Levy for the 2019 Tax Year for the 2010 Courthouse Expansion and Jail Expansion Bond Issue.
R2020-1102/19/2020ApprovedA Resolution Abating the Entire Property Tax Levy for the 2019 Tax Year for the 2017 Jail Expansion Bond Issue.
R2020-1202/19/2020ApprovedRecruitment Parameters for Assistant Finance Director.
R2020-1302/19/2020ApprovedApproval of Deputy County Administrator Appointment.
R2020-1403/18/2020ApprovedEngineering Agreement for Waterman Road Culvert & Ditch Modifications.
R2020-1503/18/2020ApprovedApproval of Sheriff's Body Camera Program.
R2020-1603/18/2020ApprovedAward Resolution for 2020 General County Letting.
R2020-1703/18/2020ApprovedAward Resolution for 2020 Aggregate Projects, Crack Route and Full Projects and Drainage Pipes.
R2020-1803/18/2020ApprovedAward Resolution for New Salt Storage Facility.
R2020-1903/18/2020ApprovedIntergovernmental Agreement with the City of Genoa for General Maintenance Projects.
R2020-2003/18/2020ApprovedIntergovernmental Agreement with the Village of Shabbona for General Maintenance Projects.
R2020-2103/18/2020ApprovedIntergovernmental Agreement with the Village of Somonauk for General Maintenance Projects.
R2020-2203/18/2020ApprovedIntergovernmental Agreement with the City of Sycamore for General Maintenance and Construction Projects.
R2020-2303/18/2020ApprovedApproval of DeKalb-Sycamore Area Transportation Study (DSATS) Intergovernmental Agreement.
R2020-2403/18/2020ApprovedAdoption of Labor Contract for International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 150 (Highway Department).
R2020-2503/18/2020ApprovedIntergovernmental Agreement with the City of Sandwich for General Maintenance Projects.
R2020-2603/18/2020ApprovedA Resolution Approving Unexpected and Emergency Appropriations and Budget Transfers for the Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2019.
R2020-2704/15/2020ApprovedEngineering Agreement for Suydam Road Bridge Replacement.
R2020-2804/15/2020ApprovedEngineering Agreement for McGirr Road Bridge Replacement.
R2020-2904/15/2020ApprovedAward Resolution for Nine Road District Hot-Mix Resurface Projects.
R2020-3004/15/2020ApprovedAward Resolution for Three County-Wide Maintenance Projects.
R2020-3105/20/2020ApprovedAward Resolution for 13 Timber Pile Repairs on Two Bridges (Anderland Road & Haumesser Road).
R2020-3205/20/2020ApprovedA Resolution to Extend the Deadline for Filing Applications for Senior Freeze Exemptions.
R2020-3305/20/2020ApprovedAward of Senior Services Tax Levy Funding.
R2020-3405/20/2020ApprovedApproval of Sheriff's Dispatching Agreement.
R2020-3506/17/2020ApprovedAward Resolution for Salt Shed Floor Paving and Highway Department Lot Patching/Repairs.
R2020-3606/17/2020ApprovedEncumbering Federal Highway Matching Tax for Current and Future Highway and Bridge Projects.
R2020-37*Sent Back to the Highway Committee by the Executive Committee.Engineering Agreement for Phase I Engineering for Plank Road Improvements.
R2020-3806/17/2020ApprovedResolution Authorizing the Execution & Amendment of the Federal 5311 Operating Assistance Grant Agreement for Fiscal Year 2021.
R2020-3906/17/2020ApprovedAcceptance of the Special Warranty as a Condition to Receive Section 5311 Funds for Fiscal Year 2021.
R2020-4006/17/2020ApprovedApproval of the DeKalb County Election Judge List.
R2020-4106/17/2020ApprovedEstablishing a Goal for Reserve Fund Balance for the County's Tort & Liability Insurance Fund.
R2020-4206/17/2020ApprovedA Resolution to Approve a Quit Claim Deed for the Transfer of the Ben Gordon Center by the County of DeKalb to the DeKalb County Community Mental Health Board.
R2020-4308/19/2020ApprovedAn Resolution Authorizing submittal for a Public Transportation Capital Assistance Grant.
R2020-4608/19/2020ApprovedApprove Award Resolution for Salt Storage Shed.
R2020-4708/19/2020ApprovedAward for Replacement of South First Street Concrete
Box Culvert.
R2020-4808/19/2020ApprovedAward of One New Bobcat All-Wheel Skid Steer.
R2020-498/19/2020ApprovedA Resolution Designating Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, 2020 as a County Holiday.
R2020-459/16/2020ApprovedApproval of Plank Road Improvement Study.
R2020-509/16/2020ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale Resolution (01-26-180-040).
R2020-519/16/2020ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale Resolution (03-24-351-007).
R2020-529/16/2020ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale Resolution (06-28-153-004).
R2020-539/16/2020ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale Resolution (08-15-132-004).
R2020-549/16/2020ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale Resolution (14-15-308-004).
R2020-559/16/2020ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale Resolution (19-26-484-014).
R2020-569/16/2020ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale Resolution (07-23-152-002).
R2020-579/16/2020ApprovedPlacing the FY 2021 Budget on File for Public Inspection.
R2020-589/16/2020*Sent Back to Finance Committee Sometime in the 1st Qtr of 2021.Authorizing a Contribution to the DeKalb County Economic Development Corporation for their Branding Initiative, “Unbound Opportunities”.
R2020-599/16/2020ApprovedA Resolution Approving Solar Energy for Community Outreach Building.
R2020-6010/21/2020Approved Anticipation of Township Bridge Funds for Motel Road Bridge.
R2020-6110/21/2020ApprovedJurisdictional Transfer of a Portion of Somonauk Road to the Town of Cortland.
R2020-6210/21/2020ApprovedApproval and Adoption of the Twenty-Five Year Update to the DeKalb County Solid Waste Management Plan.
R2020-6310/21/2020ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale Resolution (06-32-203-003).
R2020-6411/18/2020ApprovedMFT Resolution for 2021 General Maintenance Project.
R2020-6511/18/2020ApprovedApproving a Line-of-Credit for Voluntary Action Center of Northern Illinois.
R2020-6611/18/2020ApprovedA Resolution to Rescind the Land Use Provisions for a Transportation Facilities Provided for in Resolution R2012-78.
R2020-6711/18/2020ApprovedApproval of Intergovernmental Agreement for City of DeKalb TIF District.
R2020-6811/18/2020ApprovedApproval of 2021 Regular Meeting Schedule.
R2020-6911/18/2020ApprovedRelease of Executive Session Minutes.
R2020-7011/18/2020ApprovedAppointment of Interim County Administrator.
R2020-7111/18/2020ApprovedApproval of AFSCME Council 31, Local No. 3537 Labor Contract Extension.
R2020-7211/18/2020ApprovedApproval of County Employee Handbook.


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