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County Board Resolutions 2022

Resolution NumberDate ConsideredOutcomeDescription
R2022-0101/19/2022ApprovedAward Resolution for the Purchase of One New Cab and Chassis.
R2022-0201/19/2022ApprovedSelecting DeKalb County Convention & Visitors Bureau as the County’s Agency of Record for Tourism Promotions.
R2022-0301/19/2022ApprovedA Resolution Approving the Purchase of Replacement Tasers for the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office.
R2022-0401/19/2022ApprovedA Resolution Approving the Award of a Contract for Consulting and Brokerage Services Related to the DeKalb County Rehab & Nursing Center.
R2022-0502/16/2022ApprovedIntergovernmental Agreement for Engineering Services for Maintenance Projects with the Village of Malta.
R2022-0602/16/2022ApprovedIntergovernmental Agreement with the Village of Kirkland for Use of Federal Funds for Preliminary Engineering for Pearl Street Bridge.
R2022-0702/16/2022ApprovedEngineering Agreement for Phase I and II Preliminary Engineering Services for the Replacement of the Pearl Street Bridge in the Village of Kirkland.
R2022-0802/16/2022ApprovedA Resolution Approving Emergency Patient Transfer Agreements for the DeKalb County Rehab & Nursing Center.
R2022-0902/16/2022ApprovedProperty Tax Sale Resolution (08-01-360-022).
R2022-1002/16/2022ApprovedA Resolution Abating the Entire Property Tax Levy for the 2021 Tax year for the 2017 Jail Expansion Bond Issue.
R2022-1102/16/2022ApprovedA Resolution Abating the Entire Property Tax Levy for the 2021 Tax Year for the 2020 Nursing Home Expansion Bond Issue.
R2022-1202/16/2022ApprovedA Resolution Abating the Entire Property Tax Levy for the 2021 Tax Year for the 2020A Refunding Bond Issue.
R2022-1302/16/2022ApprovedA Resolution Abating the Entire Property Tax Levy for the 2021 Tax Year for Recapture Revenues.
R2022-1402/16/2022ApprovedA Resolution Approving the DeKalb County Employee Technology Equipment Off-Premise Policy.
R2022-1502/16/2022ApprovedA Resolution Approving the DeKalb County Government Remote Access Policy.
R2022-1602/16/2022ApprovedA Resolution Approving a Modified Letter of Intent to Enter into a Solar Development Lease.
R2022-1702/16/2022ApprovedApproval of AFSCME Council 31, Local No. 3537 Labor Contract.
R2022-1802/16/2022FailedA Resolution Approving a Letter of Support for the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation Shab-eh-nay Band Reservation Settlement Act of 2021.
R2022-1903/16/2022ApprovedAward Resolution for 2022 General County Letting.
R2022-2003/16/2022ApprovedAward Resolution for 2022 Road District Aggregate Projects.
R2022-2103/16/2022ApprovedAward Resolution for 2022 County/Road Districts Drainage Pipe Projects.
R2022-2203/16/2022ApprovedAward Resolution for 2022 Road District/Municipalities Route and Crackfill Project.
R2022-2303/16/2022ApprovedAward Resolution for County Equipment.
R2022-2403/16/2022ApprovedEngineering Agreement for Phase I and II Engineering Services for the Replacement of Perry Road Bridge, in Pierce Road District.
R2022-2503/16/2022ApprovedEngineering Agreement for Phase I and II Engineering Services for the Replacement of One Box Culvert and the Extension of One Box Culvert on Rollo Road in Paw Paw Township.
R2022-2603/16/2022ApprovedLocal Agency Agreement for Federal Participation for North 1st Street Resurfacing.
R2022-2703/16/2022ApprovedResolution Authorizing the Execution of a Federal 5311 Grant Agreement for Fiscal Year 2023.
R2022-2803/16/2022ApprovedResolution Authorizing and Executing Rebuild Capital Grant Agreement.
R2022-2903/16/2022ApprovedA Resolution Approving an Updated Statement of Policy on Providing Non-Discriminatory Services per Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
R2022-3104/20/2022ApprovedAward Resolution for 2022 Seal Coat Project, Rejuvenator Project and Pavement Marking Project.
R2022-3204/20/2022ApprovedAward Resolution for 2022 Road District Hot-Mix Asphalt Resurfacing Projects.
R2022-3304/20/2022ApprovedLocal Agency Agreement for Federal Participation for Suydam Road Resurfacing.
R2022-3404/20/2022ApprovedEngineering Agreement for Phase I and II Engineering Services for the Replacement of Pritchard Road Bridge, North of Scott Road in Squaw Grove Road District.
R2022-3504/20/2022ApprovedMFT Resolution for Culvert Extensions under Somonauk Road and Perry Road.
R2022-3604/20/2022ApprovedTruck Route Resolution for Suydam Road from Illinois Route 23 West to Rollo Road.
R2022-3704/20/2022ApprovedA Resolution Approving Year-End Budget Amendments for FY2021.
R2022-3804/20/2022ApprovedA Resolution Authorizing the County Board Chairman to Execute Documents Related to the Refinancing of the DeKalb County Supportive Living Facility (“Heritage Woods of DeKalb”).
R2022-3904/20/2022ApprovedA Resolution Extending the Appointment of Derek Hiland as Deputy County Administrator through December 31, 2022.
R2022-4004/20/2022ApprovedA Resolution Authorizing the Sale, Transfer, or Other Disposition of the DeKalb County Rehab and Nursing Center in Accordance with 55 ILCS 5-21001 of the Illinois Counties Code.
R2022-4105/18/2022ApprovedA Resolution Authorizing an Application for a Capital Assistance Grant for Paratransit Vehicle(s) Under the Illinois Department of Transportation’s General Authority to Make Such Grants.
R2022-4205/18/2022ApprovedAward of the Grant Year 2023 Senior Services Tax Levy Funding.
R2022-4305/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-127-002)
R2022-4405/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-127-003)
R2022-4505/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-127-004)
R2022-4605/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-127-005)
R2022-4705/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-127-006)
R2022-4805/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-127-007)
R2022-4905/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-127-008)
R2022-5005/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-127-009)
R2022-5105/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-020)
R2022-5205/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-021)
R2022-5305/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-022)
R2022-5405/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-023)
R2022-5505/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-024)
R2022-5605/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-025)
R2022-5705/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-026)
R2022-5805/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-027)
R2022-5905/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-002)
R2022-6005/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-129-008)
R2022-6105/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-180-002)
R2022-6205/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-126-004)
R2022-6305/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-009)
R2022-6405/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-016)
R2022-6505/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-017)
R2022-6605/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-019)
R2022-6705/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-179-009)
R2022-6805/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-179-010)
R2022-6905/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-180-009)
R2022-7005/18/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-180-010)
R2022-7105/18/2022ApprovedA Resolution Granting Signing Authority for the DeKalb County Supportive Living Facility Not-For-Profit.
R2022-7206/15/2022ApprovedA Resolution Approving a Five-Year Extension with DEVNET for Property Tax Software.
R2022-7306/15/2022ApprovedA Resolution Approving a Letter of Support for the Request of Additional Downstate Operating Assistance Program Funds.
R2022-7406/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-126-005)
R2022-7506/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-126-006)
R2022-7606/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-126-007)
R2022-7706/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-126-008)
R2022-7806/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-126-009)
R2022-7906/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-126-010)
R2022-8006/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-126-011)
R2022-8106/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-126-012)
R2022-8206/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-126-013)
R2022-8306/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-126-015)
R2022-8406/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-126-016)
R2022-8506/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-003)
R2022-8606/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-004)
R2022-8706/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-005)
R2022-8806/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-006)
R2022-8906/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-007)
R2022-9006/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-008)
R2022-9106/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-010)
R2022-9206/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-011)
R2022-9306/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-012)
R2022-9406/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-013)
R2022-9506/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-014)
R2022-9606/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-015)
R2022-9706/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-128-018)
R2022-9806/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-129-002)
R2022-9906/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-129-003)
R2022-10006/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-129-004)
R2022-10106/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-129-005)
R2022-10206/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-129-006)
R2022-10306/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-129-007)
R2022-10406/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-176-001)
R2022-10506/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-176-002)
R2022-10606/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-176-003)
R2022-10706/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-176-004)
R2022-10806/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-176-005)
R2022-10906/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-176-006)
R2022-11006/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-176-007)
R2022-11106/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-176-008)
R2022-11206/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-176-009)
R2022-11306/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-176-010)
R2022-11406/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-177-001)
R2022-11506/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-177-002)
R2022-11606/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-177-003)
R2022-11706/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-177-004)
R2022-11806/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-177-005)
R2022-11906/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-177-006)
R2022-12006/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-177-007)
R2022-12106/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-177-008)
R2022-12206/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-177-009)
R2022-12306/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-177-010)
R2022-12406/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-177-011)
R2022-12506/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-177-012)
R2022-12606/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-177-013)
R2022-12706/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-177-014)
R2022-12806/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-177-015)
R2022-12906/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-177-016)
R2022-13006/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-177-017)
R2022-13106/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-177-018)
R2022-13206/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-177-019)
R2022-13306/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-177-120)
R2022-13406/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-178-001)
R2022-13506/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-178-002)
R2022-13606/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-178-003)
R2022-13706/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-178-004)
R2022-13806/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-178-005)
R2022-13906/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-178-006)
R2022-14006/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-178-007)
R2022-14106/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-178-008)
R2022-14206/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-178-009)
R2022-14306/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-178-010)
R2022-14406/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-178-011)
R2022-14506/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-178-012)
R2022-14606/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-178-013)
R2022-14706/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-178-014)
R2022-14806/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-178-015)
R2022-14906/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-178-016)
R2022-15006/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-178-017)
R2022-15106/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-178-018)
R2022-15206/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-178-019)
R2022-15306/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-178-020)
R2022-15406/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-179-001)
R2022-15506/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-179-002)
R2022-15606/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-179-003)
R2022-15706/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-179-004)
R2022-15806/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-179-005)
R2022-15906/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-179-006)
R2022-16006/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-179-007)
R2022-16106/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-179-008)
R2022-16206/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-179-011)
R2022-16306/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-179-012)
R2022-16406/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-179-013)
R2022-16506/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-179-014)
R2022-16606/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-179-015)
R2022-16706/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-179-016)
R2022-16806/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-179-017)
R2022-16906/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-179-018)
R2022-17006/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-180-003)
R2022-17106/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-180-004)
R2022-17206/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-180-005)
R2022-17306/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-180-006)
R2022-17406/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-180-007)
R2022-17506/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-180-008)
R2022-17606/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-126-014)
R2022-17706/15/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-129-001)
R2022-17806/15/2022ApprovedA Resolution Memorializing the Restructuring and Assigning Certain Finance Duties and Functions.
R2022-17906/15/2022ApprovedA Resolution Establishing the Salary for the DeKalb County Sheriff.
R2022-18006/15/2022ApprovedA Resolution Authorizing the Execution of Documents for the DATA Fiber Network Transfer and Establishing the Official Financial Control Transfer Date.
R2022-18106/15/2022ApprovedA Resolution Approving the Procurement of CrowdStrike Antivirus Protection Software.
R2022-18206/15/2022ApprovedA Resolution Approving Amendments to the FY2022 Budget.
R2022-18306/15/2022ApprovedResolution Approving the Appointment of Election Judges.
R2022-18406/15/2022Sent Back to CommitteeA Resolution Authorizing the Chairman of the Board to Execute a Non-Binding Letter of Intent with Illuminate HC for the Purchase of the DeKalb County Rehab & Nursing Center.
R2022-18507/20/2022FailedA Resolution Placing a Referendum Question Regarding a Property Tax Levy at a Tax Rate of .1% for the Purpose of Maintaining a County Nursing Home on the November 8, 2022 Ballot.
R2022-18607/20/2022FailedA Resolution Authorizing the Chairman of the Board to Execute a Non-Binding Letter of Intent with Saba Healthcare for the Purchase of the DeKalb County Rehab & Nursing Center.
R2022-18707/20/2022ApprovedA Resolution Authorizing the Chairman of the Board to Execute a Non-Binding Letter of Intent with Illuminate HC for the Purchase of the DeKalb County Rehab & Nursing Center.
R2022-18808/17/2022ApprovedAward Resolution for 2022 Malta Road District Aggregate Project.
R2022-18908/17/2022ApprovedJurisdictional Transfer of 0.24 Mile of Glidden Road to the City of DeKalb.
R2022-19008/17/2022ApprovedPeace Road Engineering Contract.
R2022-19108/17/2022ApprovedA Resolution Authorizing the Submittal of a Capital Grant Application for Round III Rebuild Illinois Funds from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).
R2022-19208/17/2022ApprovedA Resolution Authorizing a Retention Bonus Program for Employees During the Transition of the DeKalb County Rehab & Nursing Center.
R2022-19308/17/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (19-26-434-001)
R2022-19408/17/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-181-001)
R2022-19508/17/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-181-002)
R2022-19608/17/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-181-003)
R2022-19708/17/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-181-004)
R2022-19808/17/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-181-005)
R2022-19908/17/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-181-006)
R2022-20008/17/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-181-007)
R2022-20108/17/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-181-008)
R2022-20208/17/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-181-009)
R2022-20308/17/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-181-010)
R2022-20408/17/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-181-011)
R2022-20508/17/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-181-012)
R2022-20608/17/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-181-013)
R2022-20708/17/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-33-181-014)
R2022-20808/17/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-05-253-005)
R2022-20908/17/2022ApprovedA Resolution Authorizing the Purchase and Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning Software for DeKalb County Government.
R2022-21008/17/2022ApprovedA Resolution Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement for Suburban Apartments & Estates.
R2022-21108/17/2022ApprovedA Resolution Authorizing the appointment of an Interim Administrator for the DeKalb County Rehab & Nursing Center.
R2022-21209/21/2022ApprovedA Resolution Approving Somonauk Road Jurisdictional Transfer to the Town of Cortland from North Street to Barber Greene Road.
R2022-21309/21/2022ApprovedA Resolution Authorizing Job Reclassifications for Certain AFSCME Positions in the Sheriff’s Office.
R2022-21409/21/2022ApprovedA Resolution Authorizing the County Board Chair to Assign a Mobile Home Tax Sale Certificate of Purchase. (03-30-131-001 0087O)
R2022-21509/21/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (08-12-200-009)
R2022-21609/21/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (08-22-277-003)
R2022-21709/21/2022ApprovedDelinquent Property Tax Sale. (09-09-400-008)
R2022-21809/21/2022ApprovedA Resolution Approving Amendments to the FY22 Budget.
R2022-21909/21/2022ApprovedPlacing the FY2023 Budget on File for Public Inspection.
R2022-22009/21/2022ApprovedA Resolution Approving a Letter of Intent to Enter into a Solar Development Lease for the Community Outreach Building.
R2022-22109/21/2022ApprovedA Resolution Approving an Engineering Proposal for the DSATS 2022 Pavement Condition Study.
R2022-22209/21/2022ApprovedApproval of AFSCME Council 31, Local 3537 Labor Contract for the DeKalb County Rehab & Nursing Center.
R2022-22309/21/2022ApprovedAuthorizing the Approval and Release of Certain Executive Session Meeting Minutes, and the Destruction of Certain Verbatim Recordings.
R2022-22410/19/2022ApprovedA Resolution Approving a Supplemental Engineering Agreement for the Glidden Road and Baseline Road Intersection.
R2022-22510/19/2022ApprovedA Resolution Authorizing the County Board Chair to Execute an Asset Purchase Agreement and Operational Transfer Agreement between the DeKalb County Government and Illuminate HC regarding the Sale of the DeKalb County Rehab and Nursing Center.
R2022-22610/19/2022ApprovedA Resolution Authorizing the County Administrator to Establish a Temporary Seven Dollar per Hour Night Shift Differential for Registered Nurses Employed by the DeKalb County Rehabilitation and Nursing Center.
R2022-22710/19/2022ApprovedA Resolution Authorizing the County Administrator to Issue ARPA Transferee Disbursements to County Municipalities for Completed Water, Sewer, and Broadband Infrastructure Projects and to Pre-Approve Project Applications.
R2022-22811/16/2022ApprovedMFT General Maintenance Resolution for 2023 Expenditures.
R2022-22911/16/2022ApprovedFund Balance Resolution.
R2022-23011/16/2022ApprovedA Resolution Approving a Farm Lease Agreement Between DeKalb County Government and Glenn & Dale Bolander for Eleven and Eight Tenths Acres of Land Along County Farm Road and Barber Greene Road in DeKalb, Illinois.
R2022-23111/16/2022ApprovedA Resolution Approving a Farm Lease Agreement Between DeKalb County Government and Robert Jordal for Ten Acres of Land Along Gurler Road in DeKalb, Illinois.
R2022-23211/16/2022ApprovedA Resolution Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement for Justice Assistance Grant Program Award.
R2022-23311/16/2022ApprovedA Resolution Approving the Procurement of ONESolution Mobile Communication Terminals.
R2022-23411/16/2022ApprovedA Resolution Authorizing the County Board Chairman to Execute Documents Related to the Refinancing of the DeKalb County Supportive Living Facility (“Heritage Woods of DeKalb”).


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