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County Board Resolutions 2021

Resolution NumberDate ConsideredOutcomeDescription
R2021-0101/20/2021ApprovedAward Resolution for the Purchase of One New Cab and Chassis.
R2021-0201/20/2021ApprovedEncumbering FY 2020-21 Rebuild Illinois Funds for Future Road Projects.
R2021-0301/20/2021ApprovedResolution Authorizing the Execution & Amendment of a Downstate Operating Assistance Grant Agreement for FY 2021.
R2021-0401/20/2021ApprovedApproval of the Participation in the Service Program of the Office of the State's Attorneys Appellate Prosecutor.
R2021-0501/20/2021ApprovedDATA Fiber Divestment Resolution.
R2021-0601/20/2021ApprovedAppointment of a County Administrator.
R2021-0702/17/2021ApprovedEncumbering Federal Highway Matching Tax Funds.
R2021-0802/17/2021ApprovedLocal Agency Agreement with the State of Illinois for Suydam Road Bridge.
R2021-0902/17/2021ApprovedAward Resolution for Furnishing and Installing Equipment on a 2022 Peterbilt Cab and Chassis and One New Kubota Utility Tractor.
R2021-1002/17/2021ApprovedEngineering Agreement for the Design of the New Lebanon Road Bridge.
R2021-1102/17/2021ApprovedAdopting an Update to the DeKalb County All Hazards Mitigation Plan.
R2021-1202/17/2021ApprovedSelecting DeKalb County Convention & Visitors Bureau as the County’s Agency of Record for Tourism Promotions.
R2021-1302/17/2021ApprovedA Resolution Abating the Entire Property Tax Levy for the 2020 Tax Year for the 2017 Jail Expansion Bond Issue.
R2021-1402/17/2021ApprovedA Resolution Abating the Entire Property Tax Levy for the 2020 Tax Year for the 2020 Nursing Home Expansion Bond Issue.
R2021-1502/17/2021ApprovedA Resolution Abating the Entire Property Tax Levy for the 2020 Tax Year for the 2020A Refunding Bond Issue.
R2021-1602/17/2021ApprovedAppointment of an Interim Finance Director.
R2021-1803/17/2021ApprovedAppropriations of MFT Funds for Peace Road Bridge Preliminary Engineering.
R2021-1903/17/2021ApprovedLocal Agency Agreement with the State of Illinois for Suydam Road.
R2021-2003/17/2021ApprovedAward Resolution for 2021 General County Letting.
R2021-2103/17/2021ApprovedAward Resolution for 2021 Aggregate Projects, Crack Route and Fill Projects and Drainage Pipes.
R2021-2203/17/2021ApprovedAppointment of a Supervisor of Assessments.
R2021-2303/17/2021ApprovedA Resolution Approving Appropriations and Budget Transfers for the Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2020.
R2021-2404/21/2021Appropriation of MFT Funds for Chicago Road, South First Street, Perry Road and Waterman Road Paving Projects.
R2021-2504/21/2021Local Agency Agreement with the State of Illinois for the Construction of the McGirr Road Bridge in Pierce Road District.
R2021-2604/21/2021Road District Hot-Mix Resurfacing Projects.
R2021-2704/21/2021A Resolution Authorizing the Execution and Amendment of a Federal 5311 Grant Agreement for Fiscal Year 2022.
R2021-2804/21/2021County-Wide Seal Coat and Rejuvenator Projects.
R2021-2904/21/2021Bridge/Box Culvert Replacement and Culvert Pipe Replacement on Suydam, South First Street and Waterman Roads.
R2021-3004/21/2021Russell Woods Forest Preserve Hot-Mix Project.
R2021-3104/21/2021County-Wide Pavement Marking Project.
R2021-3204/21/2021Approval of a Memorandum of Understanding Between DeKalb County Government and the DeKalb County Rehab & Nursing Center Operating Board.
R2021-3304/21/2021A Resolution of the DeKalb County Board, Illinois Supporting Local Control of Zoning and Land Use Affairs for DeKalb County.


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