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Labor Contracts / Collective Bargaining

UnionAuthorized PositionsOriginal Contract DateAdopted Date *Start DateEnd DateReopener
AFSCME - CO57.2212/01/198806/15/201601/01/201612/31/2020SETTLED
AFSCME - HEALTH DEPT30.406/01/200811/23/201601/01/201612/31/2020SETTLED
AFSCME - RNC13309/21/199406/24/201301/01/201612/31/2020SETTLED
MAP - SHERIFF9812/01/198411/20/201901/01/201912/31/2022SETTLED
OPERATING ENGINEERS1412/20/200605/15/201501/01/202012/31/2024SETTLED
MAP COURT -CS1912/1/13 02/15/2003*12/1/17 11/30/21SETTLED

Past 5 years contracts are now available on our Labor Archives Page

CO = Assessments, Finance, Highway, County Clerk, Treasurer, Community Development, State’s Attorney, Coroner/ESDA, Facilities Management Office and Information Management Office
RNC = Rehab & Nursing Center (County Nursing Home)
MAP = Sheriff’s Staff-Detectives, Patrol, Communications, Corrections
Operating Engineers = Highway Maintenance Personnel
CS = Court Services (Probation)

* = or Arbitrator’s Award Date or Chief Judge’s Approval Date

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