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Proclamation NumberDate ConsideredDescription
P2023-0106/21/2023Veterans Weekend
P2023-0208/16/2023Rail Safety Week


Proclamation NumberDate ConsideredDescription
P2022-0109/21/2022Allies for Agriculture for DeKalb County.


Proclamation NumberDate ConsideredDescription
P2021-0105/19/2021Older Americans Month 2021.
P2021-026/16/2021A DeKalb County Salute to the National Guard.
P2021-036/16/2021"Roger A. Scott Day"


Proclamation NumberDate ConsideredDescription
P2020-0102/19/2020Proclamation 2020 Census Partnership
P2020-0203/19/2020Proclamation of a Disaster in DeKalb County (COVID-19).
P2020-035/20/2020Extending a Proclamation of a Disaster in DeKalb County (COVID-19).
P2020-0411/18/2020Gary H. Hanson Day


Proclamation NumberDate ConsideredDescription
P2019-0104/17/2019DeKalb County Museum Day
P2019-0205/15/2019Electrical Safety Month
P2019-0306/19/2019Recognition of the Sycamore Spartans Girls Softball Team Becoming the 2019 Class 3A State Champions


Proclamation NumberDate ConsideredDescription
P2018-0101/17/2018Proclamation Recognizing 2018 as the Year of Kishwaukee College
P2018-0208/15/2018Proclamation Recognizing 50 Year Milestone of the Federated Preschool
P2018-0311/21/2018Proclamation Appreciation of Ronald G. Klein as DeKalb County Hearing Officer


Proclamation NumberDate ConsideredDescription
P2017-0103/15/2017"Money Smart Week"
P2017-0204/19/2017"National Travel and Tourism Week": May 7-13, 2017
P2017-0305/17/2017"Mental Health Awareness Day" July 27, 2017
P2017-0406/21/2017"Vietnam Veterans Week": July 13-16, 2017


Proclamation NumberDate ConsideredDescription
P2016-0104/20/2016"Money Smart Week"
P2016-0204/20/2016"Comcast Cares Day for TAILS Humane Society"


Proclamation NumberDate ConsideredOutcomeDescription
P2015-0103/18/2015passed"Recognition of the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of Kiwanis International."
2015-0207/01/2015passed"Recognition of the Special Olympics."
P2015-0308/19/2015passed"Hunger Action Month."


Proclamation NumberDate ConsideredOutcomeDescription
P2014-0101/14/2014passed"Congratulate and Recognize Pamela Reilly for Receiving the Teacher of the Year Award"
P2014-0201/14/2014passed"To Recognize and Honor the NIU Football Team"
P2014-0303/19/2014passedRecognizing Maple Park Police Department
P2014-0404/16/2014passedRecognizing Keith Mokry as Winner of the DeKalb County Regional Spelling Bee
P2014-0509/17/2014passed"Hunger Action Month."
P2014-0609/17/2014passed"Big Read Month"
P2014-0711/19/2014passed"DeKalb Municipal Band Celebrating 160 Years of Continuous Music"


Proclamation NumberDate ConsideredOutcomeDescription
P2013-0101/16/2013passed"Northern Illinois University Huskie Football Team has enjoyed much success during the Fall. 2012 season"
P2013-0202/20/2013passed"To Recognize and Honor the NIU Football Team"
P2013-0304/117/2013passed"National Tourism Week May 4 - 12, 2013"
P2013-0409/18/2013passed"Declare September “Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month”in DeKalb County, Illinois"
P2013-0510/16/2013passed"Big Read Month"
P2013-0611/20/2013passed"Open Door Rehabilitation Center"


Proclamation NumberDate ConsideredOutcomeDescription
P2012-0103/20/2012passed"Recognizing the 100th Year Anniversary of the DeKalb County Farm Bureau."
P2012-0204/18/2012passed"Health Care Workers Appreciation Day in DeKalb County, Illinois"
P2012-0304/18/2012passed"Proclaim April 2012 as National County Government Month in DeKalb County, Illinois."


Proclamation NumberDate ConsideredOutcomeDescription
P2011-0104/20/2011passed"To Proclaim April 2011 as National County Government Month"
P2011-0204/20/2011passed"May is Motorcycle Awareness and Safety Month"
P2011-0309/21/2011passed"Recognizing Jacqueline Lorusso of Sandwich, IL for her Scholarship and Community Service"
P2011-0409/21/2011passed"The County of DeKalb, Illinois, Joining the National Moment of Remembrance of the 10th Anniversary of September 11th."


Proclamation NumberDate ConsideredOutcomeDescription
P2011-0104/21/2010passed"To Proclaim April 2010 as National County Government Month"
P2010-0207/21/2010passed"To Congratulate the Sycamore High School Rugby Football Club on Winning the Tier 2 State High School Championship
P2010-0308/18/2010passed"To Designate the week of August 30, 2010 as Workforce Development Week"


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