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Claims Instructions

  1. Completed claim forms are due in the Finance Office by noon on the first Thursday after the first Wednesday of each month.


  2. Each claim form needs to be completely filled out and signed. It is very important to put vendor numbers on each claim. If you have ever paid a claim to this vendor before, it is extremely likely that there is already a vendor number on the list. If you have looked and there is not, then we will set up a new number.


  3. We do not want duplicate copies of invoices unless you feel it is necessary to send an enclosure. If the correct invoice number or account number is put on the claim sheet most times an enclosure is not necessary. Some invoice numbers or account numbers are too long to fit in the space allowed in the invoice number field so it is better to type them in the description area. In cases of utilities, conferences, subscription renewals and some other payments, an enclosure is probably a very good idea. If you determine that is the case, mark your claim form for an enclosure and provide us with one to mail with the check.


  4. We never use the envelopes provided by the vendor unless there is postage on them so please do not forward them to us.


  5. There is a field labeled 1099, yes or no, on the claim forms. Please try to indicate yes for services provided by the vendor. Services would include items like transcribing, investigation, consulting and other labor. These items are sometimes hard to pick out but we do appreciate your assistance.


  6. Please separate your claims by department and alphabetize them within each department.


  7. If you want any claim checks returned to your department rather than having us mail them, please provide us with a list of those checks needed. Keep in mind that some checks will include payments from other departments and we may not be able to forward them to you, but you do have the option of asking for a separate check prior to the checks being printed.
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