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Model Home Information


A Model Home is a single family, town home or condo that is NOT occupied as a dwelling, but is used as a display home for potential buyers of the dwelling.

Note: a Duplex property may be eligible for the Model Home Exemption if each unit has a separate deed or if the developer incorporates the property as a condominium.


House cannot be rented or lived in, or leased for use other than a model home.
House cannot have a Model Home Exemption for more than 10 years.
House may be furnished and may be used as an office.
Developer may ONLY have 3 model homes in a 3 mile radius; center point of the radius being the 1st home designated as a model.

Filing deadline is on or before December 31st of each assessment year (Application must be filed PRIOR TO sale/closing to be applicable for that assessment year)

When the home is sold, a Certificate of Ineligibility should be filed with the Supervisor of Assessments Office within 60 days.

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